Will Hair Loss Affect Your Acting Career?

People say that the American dream is to be a billionaire entrepreneur after starting from scratch. That may be true, but it is also worth mentioning that countless people in this country dream of making it big in Hollywood. Who wouldn’t want to be an actor on the grandest stage of them all? The limelight, the celeb, the fame, the popularity, the fans and glamour of a Hollywood life is far too enticing for a mortal to resist. But most people who dream of being a mega Hollywood star never end up being one. We tend to believe that every actor in America is famous and loaded with cash. That is really not the case. People who have just started their acting career or those who have been around for a while but have not received their big break yet are the ones who still have a long way to go.

On your journey to Hollywood success, there are plenty of hurdles and obstacles that you have to overcome. If you are a man in your 20s or 30s, then one of these obstacles could be hair loss. You may be a fine actor, but the slow loss of hair on your head could effectively make you a less capable actor. It could affect your acting skills and on stage charisma. You could lose confidence in your own abilities and fail to attract the big names in the industry.

It is completely normal for a struggling actor to assume that his baldness is going to prevent him from ever becoming a great actor in the main stage. However, this does not necessarily have to be true. You are still in control of your destiny in Hollywood. All you need to do is figure out ways in which you can dodge the curveballs that hair loss throws at you. Here are some tips to help you out:

1) Build a Strong Character to Compensate for Your Looks

If you have studied the behaviour of bald actors in Hollywood such as that of Vin Diesel, Jason Statham or Bruce Willis, you would have noticed that they all have one thing in common. These are men of a few words, but a lot of action. Regardless of whether they are playing a character in a movie or giving an interview in person, they are able to pull off a very intimidating and intense character that somehow complements their baldness. This allows people to look past their hair loss problems and be impressed by the strong characters that they portray on and off the screen. You could aim to do the same. You may not be a man of a few words, but it could be time for you to become one for the sake of Hollywood success. A talkative bald guy gives you the impression that they are only good for playing a goofy character. You certainly do not want to spend the remainder of your acting career being the water boy in team sports movies. If needed, embrace the bald guy, action hero stereotype. Make sure that your acting style and your physical appearance are in line with what is in demand in the film industry.

2) Grow Eye Catching Facial Hair

Once again, this is a simple technique that will allow you to move people’s attention away from your bald spots. The idea is to shave off your hair completely so that people don’t think that you are trying to pull off a hairstyle that does not really suit you. Once you have done that, work on your facial hair game. Visit some top hairstylists in town (yes, you do have to spend some money to make it big in Hollywood) and get their advice on how whacky or eccentric you can be with your facial hair. Your facial hair should be appealing or attractive enough to force people to keep their eyes fixed on your chin and cheeks.

3) Work On Your Stage Presence

We may not be experts in acting, but we certainly know the drawbacks of a person who is experiencing severe hair loss. Your presence in a room or in a group of people is extremely important in defining your significance or importance as a character or an individual. You need to have the kind of presence that warrants people’s attention. This has nothing to do with your looks or the way you walk or the way you talk. It is simply about the timing of your expressions, the timing of your speech and the impact your words have. If your presence in a room of people is remarkable, then you can build great stage presence. A person with great presence on stage will immediately become a hot commodity in any film industry. The idea is to make people forget that you even have a hair loss problem.